Monitor Facebook Groups togetLeads

Monitor keywords in private groups, and

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Patent pending

Word-of-mouth is directly responsible for 90% of all purchases.

Get high-intent leads for your business, ready to purchase

Track conversations to get high-intent leads ready to buy

Provide social support to win customers and ⭐ratings

Track your brand to offer quick social support and win ⭐ratings

Cost of high intent leads in 2022



We do not charge for leads. Just for the use of the AI tool.


Facebook Ads

The average cost of one lead in the US market for certain industries.


Google Ads

The average cost of one lead in the US market for certain industries.


Using Devi is simpler than you think


Select groups

Select any Private or Public groups that you want to monitor.


Add keywords

Add lead keywords or brand names so that Devi monitors them.


Monitor posts

Save 1-2 hours a day from manually monitoring posts and get notified when leads are identified.


Comment or Message

Sell, support, and educate your business audience with comments and messages.

Using Devi saves you

160 hours a month

while increasing revenue

Social media distractions

8x boost in productivity

4x more leads & discovery

5 reasons to track digital word of mouth

90% of people trust a recommended brand (even from strangers).
Word-of-mouth brings in 5 times more sales than paid media.
85% of small businesses are discovered due to word-of-mouth.
Around 40 positive customer reviews are required to undo 1 negative review.
77% of brand conversations on social media are people looking for help, information, or advice.

Data source based on Pew Research Facts about Facebook and Americans

60+ Happy Clients

We have worked with many companies to build their digital presence. We have helped them to grow their business and achieve their goals.

Manny's testimonial

Devi has been a lifesaver for our team. We are able to quickly and easily monitor groups for leads and mentions. The software is user-friendly and has helped us increase our productivity.


Marketing Manager

Ronald's testimonial

I am a solopreneur and Devi literally acting as my social media assistant. Find me the relevant posts and leads which I then outreach and close deals .



Darrell's testimonial

Devi is generating 50-60 high intent leads and saved our team targets specially when ads are expensive, cold outreach does not work.


Sales Manager

Franki's testimonial

Devi save me atleast 2-3 hours a day by moniotring the 40 Facebook groups, LInkedIn and twitter posts based on the keywords. Then I spent one hour to engage and outreach. Best tool


Social media Manager


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