Which tool to monitor Twitter for keywords is the best in 2024

Written by Andrea Villegas | Updated on 04 January, 2024

Which tool to monitor Twitter for keywords is the best in 2024

Social media platforms are powerful tools for businesses to share information, engage with their audience, and do market analysis. One of these platforms is Twitter, which stands tall as a dynamic hub of real-time conversations, opinions, and trends. For businesses and individuals, the wealth of data on Twitter is crucial for gaining valuable insights. Whether you are a social media manager looking to enhance your brand's online presence, a business researcher exploring public sentiment, or an individual passionate about staying informed, Twitter is a great fit for you.

Monitoring Twitter for keywords is one of the main strategies to harness the potential of the platform; nonetheless, manual work can lower your team’s productivity. In this article, we explore three options in Twitter keyword monitoring tools, displaying their distinctive features and value.

Devi AI

Devi is a Twitter keyword monitoring tool and AI Social Media Manager that helps you by automating four important stages of social media marketing: keyword monitoring, potential customer outreach, brand content creation, and scheduling on social media platforms. 

Devi AI lets you monitor Twitter for keywords, as well as Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and Reddit. You can also contact and follow up with people who are looking to hire or purchase your business offer, identify influencers to add to your marketing campaigns, create content with its powerful AI integrations, and visualize the trends of your chosen keywords in its interactive dashboard. 

You can test the AI tool with a free trial and afterward keep an affordable subscription for all businesses or individuals looking to gain value from social media.

What are the main features of Devi AI, a Twitter monitoring AI tool?

These are the main features of Devi, an AI social media assistant that you can add as an extension to Chrome:

  • Monitor Twitter and other social media platforms: Automate leads monitoring in public and private Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit posts
  • Ease Twitter leads outreach with AI: Use on click to craft personalized comments or replies with ChatGPT using your business details and save hours closing more deals.  
  • Create content with AI for Twitter: Generate content with more than 100 top AI prompts and built-in ChatGPT to create posts that engage with your audience. 
  • Schedule Content on Twitter and other Social Media: You can schedule content in all your social media profiles to create value and presence for your brand.  
  • Display Social Media Analytics: Discover top influencer accounts on Twitter with AI, which posts are highly engaging, and your team outreach stats. 
  • Monitor Websites for Brands Mentions: Using AI, Devi can help you monitor 3000+ top websites for mentions of your brand. 
  • Monitor and Share News with AI: Get, schedule, and share the latest news in your industry so that you can establish yourself as a Twitter authority. All social media managers know how essential news content is for Twitter! Save time on this step in your monthly content crafting 😉

What is included in the basic package of Devi?

Monitor Twitter and other social media platforms with AI, including

  • 25 Public or Private Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit global posts
  • Global newspapers and blogs
  • Buyer-intent detection
  • Brand outreach monitoring
  • Receive alerts in your email as often as you want: every 2, 4, or 8 hours, daily or weekly. 

AI Leads Outreach Feature to save time closing more customers

  • Use one click to reply to leads using ChatGPT integration to save time
  • 250 ChatGPT API calls included
  • Chance to add your own ChatGPT API key
  • Personalizing AI replies with your business details

Create and schedule content to generate a brand presence on Twitter and other social media platforms

  • Schedule AI-generated content on all social media profiles. No worries, you can always edit your created copies.
  • Save time on copy-pasting: schedule ChatGPT response directly
  • Make use of more than 50+ ChatGPT prompts
  • Receive image suggestions automatically

Share news on Twitter using AI 

  • Monitor 3000+ news websites and media outlets
  • Rewrite AI News and schedule them in a few clicks to create authority and engagement on Twitter and other social media platforms

$49.90 for unlimited keywords on Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and 20 Facebook groups either public or private. 

You can also choose to only monitor Twitter. Contact the team here.

Sign up for Devi AI and start a free trial here.


Warble is a simple tool that sends you once-a-day email alerts for Twitter topics so you do not have to be on the platform scrolling unnecessarily. You can track keywords, and #hashtags, and receive alerts that you can revise during your proposed time. You can establish the timezone in which you want to receive the alerts on your email. 

What are the main features of Warble?

These are the main features of Warble, an integration for Twitter that helps you monitor topics and keywords:

  • Twitter Search Customization: You can set up custom alerts that will be sent to you once a day for any topic or keywords you add. 
  • Alerts delivered to your Inbox: You can receive your keyword alerts directly to your inbox and read them when you are ready. You need to verify your email address and connect Twitter permissions. 
  • Discover new content every day: You can discover content related to the topics that you are monitoring. This can help designers, social media and PR marketers, and business owners. 


Audiense permits you to manage and improve your relationship with your Twitter audience by using Audiense Connect. It assists you in researching your Twitter analytics and helps you manage and understand not only your follower base but also your competitors’. 

It is a companion to your social media management tools as you cannot manage posts from it but research and analyze the information on Twitter. You can also analyze consumer behavior and journey. 

What are the main features of Audiense?

Audiense has different offers, and here we only tell you about Audiense Connect which helps you keep track of your Twitter audience: 

  • Manage and Analysis for Twitter: You can manage, understand, and improve your Twitter audience with their research tool that integrates both organic and paid efforts.
  • Community Management Tool: You can filter, follow, unfollow, manage your lists, and search through your competitors to analyze your Twitter social media strategy.
  • Audience analytics for Twitter: Audiense can help you analyze your account demographics including the best time to tweet, intersectional reports, and their listening tool that started in 2006. 
  • Analyze the best targeting for your Twitter advertising campaigns: You can also utilize their analytics to make decisions around your paid Twitter content based on filters, follows, and likes. Never make an uninformed decision again!
  • Create a Twitter Chatbot with Audiense Builder: Their Twitter Chatbot builder helps you create your chatbot in only a few clicks so you can send them campaigns. 

$50 for Twitter analytics, reports, and social listening only on Twitter, no other tools included.

Sign up to Audiense here to monitor your Twitter topics!

Twitter 'X' Monitoring Tools 2024 Overview

🏆 Best comprehensive and complete Twitter monitoring tool: Devi AI 

Devi AI 4-in-1 features allow you to monitor Twitter for keywords, sentiment, potential customers, and influencers, and to also reach clients and create and schedule content from the same platform. The best part is that it also lets you focus on other social media sites such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

🏆 Best simplified tool to monitor Twitter: Warble

If you would like to focus only on Twitter and revise your mentions once a day, you can opt for Warble, as it is the only functionality. Total focus on mentions.

🏆 Best tool to monitor Twitter and focus on strategy: Audiense

Audiense is a great tool if your team is ready to focus on utilizing analytics and research to craft long-paid or organic campaigns and grow your audience. You can obtain all the data you need and download reports to discuss in your marketing meetings. It is a complete platform for Marketing Analysts. 

We hope this article was a refreshing list of options to monitor keywords on Twitter and much more.

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