How can Devi assist you?

Track any keyword

Devi monitors any keyword you add related to your brand, so you can instantly respond to any conversation where your business can gain value.

Buyer-intent detection

The intent-driven reach that Devi offers helps marketers achieve their ultimate goal in a matter of minutes: find customers who are ready to buy.

Sentiment Analysis

Devi labels your groups posts negative and positive to track your audiences’ mood, perception and values.

Outreach Stats

Devi helps you stay organized by showing you potential leads worth, leads reached, top communities, and saved posts.

AI Writer

Devi can also help you write product descriptions, ads, messages for your potential leads, and more. The best part is that you can create pre-made messages to save typing time!

Monitor online communities

Monitor Facebook groups, Reddit, Twitter and linkedin to grow your business. Digital word-of-mouth happens in online communities and brings in 5 times more sales than ads.

Get real-time alerts

Devi sends you keyword alerts as often as you want (every 2 hours, daily or weekly) to reach out to potential leads at the best time.

See your brand’s mentions

Devi gathers your brand’s name mentions from social media (Facebook groups, Reddit, Linkedin and Twitter) and the web to look after your business reputation.

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