📅 12 March, 2022

5 facts about how Facebook groups grow your business

Authored by Danish Soomro

5 facts about how Facebook groups grow your business

I bet that you’re asking the question of whether considering Facebook groups in your marketing strategy is worth the effort. The answer is a very big YES.

These numbers will help you understand how important monitoring Facebook groups for keywords and potential leads is for your online marketing strategy.

1. “1.8 billion” people use Facebook Groups every month

Facebook announced at the Facebook Communities Summit late last year that 1.8 billion people on our planet use groups on their platform to stay in contact or interact with a community of like-minded people.

That is 23% of all the people in the world, and a great chance to create brand awareness.

2. Facebook invested in new Group features last year

New features such as sub-groups (with paid memberships), member awards, live chat events, and more were added after the Communities Summit.

Something incredible for admins and moderators is that their efforts can now be rewarded as they have also added a “Fundraising” option to keep communities going. These additions can support your business as well or even encourage you to create a private community to both promote and profit from it.

3. 19.2% of the content in a User’s Feed comes from their Joined Groups

As you can see on the graph below, Groups, after Friends and followed people, are the most effective way to get your brand into your potential customers’ feeds.

Even bigger than Unconnected posts (10.7%) and Other (2.5%).

And considering that the average user clicks on only 12 ads per month, it is, again, more likely to generate engagement from a Facebook group than an expensive ad.

4. Facebook Group posts reach higher engagement than the usual 5.3%

According to Hootsuite, group posts reach higher than the usual 5.3% engagement rate, which means that you have ALSO a better opportunity to impact potential customers.

5. There are 620 million Facebook groups

This number implies that there are, at least, thousands of opportunities for you to find a group that fits your business niche.

Facebook groups are a great opportunity to spark conversation and brand awareness among people who might be interested in the topics or themes of your product. These are hyper-focused niche community ideas for your business, e.g. Are you a travel agent? Join Travel Groups!

We hope these figures have inspired you and convinced you to include Facebook groups in your next marketing strategy. You will not only generate incredible value for your business but also have fun!

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