Which tool to monitor Facebook groups for keywords is the best

Written by Danish Soomro | Updated on 04 January, 2024

Which tool to monitor Facebook groups for keywords is the best

Marketing a brand on Facebook groups can bring a great amount of awareness and leads. Usually, people asking for product suggestions in groups are high-intent potential clients who are ready to buy, but it can be a time-consuming task to browse every single group to find the relevant posts to engage with.

Tools to monitor Facebook groups have become a key piece in the strategy of marketers, solopreneurs, freelancers, and anyone who owns a digital or physical business.

Here we compare three popular tools that are used for Facebook group monitoring, i.e. the ability to quickly see and catch when group members have shared content about you or which fits your business niche.

Devi AI, Facebook Group Monitoring Tool

Devi AI is the best Facebook Group Monitoring Tool and AI Social Media Assistant that automates lead monitoring, outreach, and content creation and scheduling on Public and Private Facebook Groups. Devi helps you monitor keywords in private and public Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit without the necessity to be an admin of the communities. The power of the tool does not stop there, because Devi can also produce content for the groups and your social media accounts in 0 clicks: you just have to select your relevant keywords. Devi shows an interactive dashboard with the trends of your selected keywords.

Basically, you get AI social media monitoring, AI content generation, AI lead outreach, and more in a single subscription for the same price. You can get a free trial to test the tool before committing to a really affordable subscription.

Devi AI Main Features

The main features of Devi, AI Facebook groups monitoring tool and ChatGPT outreach tool:

  • Monitor Facebook groups for keywords and leads: Automate keyword monitoring and turn them into high-quality leads in public and private Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit posts.
  • Reach out to leads in your social media: Do 1 click to add personalized comments or replies generated with ChatGPT using your business details.
  • Create content for your business social media with AI: Generate content with more than 100 top AI prompts and built-in ChatGPT. to create engaging content. Test the AI Content Generator with the magic of Devi AI here.
  • Schedule content in your social media: Do 1 click to schedule content in all your social media profiles and Facebook groups.
  • Display social media analytics: Discover top groups, top influencer accounts, engaging posts, and your team outreach stats.
  • Monitor websites for brand mentions: Monitor 3000+ top news websites for keywords.
  • Monitor and share news with AI: Discover and schedule the latest news for your business/industry to build authority on social media.


What is included in the basic package of Devi AI:

Monitoring Social Media Platforms with AI πŸ‘€

  • 25 Public or Private Facebook groups (No admin required)
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit global posts
  • Global newspapers & blogs
  • Buyer-intent detection
  • Twitter: Detect influencers in your network
  • LinkedIn: Detect C-Levels in your network
  • Brand outreach monitoring

AI Leads Outreach πŸ“’

  • 1-click ChatGPT Comment/Direct Message reply
  • 1000 ChatGPT API calls included
  • Add your ChatGPT API key
  • Generate AI reply with your business contact

Create and Schedule Posts πŸ“…

  • Unified calendar view
  • 7-Day content automated generator
  • AI News Visual Content for 1-Click Share
  • Summarize News to Share on Social Media
  • AI-Generated Posts and Stories for 1-Click Share
  • Royalty-free image and video suggestion

Share News with AI

  • Monitor 3000+ news website
  • AI News Post Writer and 1-Click Scheduling

Get Reports and Analytics πŸ“ˆ

  • Post engagement analytics
  • Post with the most engagement
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Email Report once in 1-week

AI Website & Landing Pages πŸŒ

  • 10 website/landing pages
  • AI design suggestions
  • A/B Testing
  • Email capture & custom form
  • Unlimited hosting free for 100 years
  • Custom domain & SSL
  • Free videos & images

Pricing: $49.90 for unlimited keywords and 25 groups either public or private.

Sign up for Devi AI and start a free trial here.


GroupsTracker monitors groups and permits you to follow activity by joining them from bot accounts. With this Facebook group monitoring tool, you have to pay per group or per group bundle. It only allows you to monitor Facebook groups, not other social media, unlike Devi AI.

GroupsTracker Main Features

  • Bots join groups on your behalf

GroupsTracker does not need you to be part of any group as bots join them on your behalf. The thumbs up is that you are not required to link your Facebook account, but the downside is that if they do not get accepted or get kicked out, you will not be able to continue your monitoring.

  • Receive email or SMS Alerts

You do not need to be on the application constantly as you can get an SMS or email notification when a relevant keyword comes up in a group. Note that they check 1 keyword and 1 group once a day on their free plan.

  • Monitor keywords
  • Favorite posts

You can favorite posts that were filtered with your selected keywords.

What is included in the basic package of GroupsTracker:

  • Any public Facebook group
  • 6 Notifications per day
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • 10 posts per day
  • 50 comments per day

Pricing: $5 per group per month, i.e. $125 per 25 groups.


Groouply also monitors groups' posts, comments, and links, and it notifies you of relevant conversations. They also integrate with your favorite communication tools such as Slack. You also need to pay per group.

Groouply Main Features

  • Monitor keywords

Groouply permits you to add any wanted keywords to monitor groups. You can also visit the group from there and read its description.

  • Understand social sentiment

You can know if your filtered posts have a positive or negative reaction as Groouply contains a social sentiment detector.

  • Identify frequently used words

Groouply also contains a cloud of the most used words in the group you have under monitoring so that you can get familiar with the community’s language and create content to engage the audience on your brand.

  • Integration with communication tools e.g Slack

Recently, Groouply also added integrations with tools such as Slack so that you and your your team can know about the status of the Facebook group of your interest.

What is included in the basic package:

  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited SMS or email notifications
  • Hourly notifications
  • Integrations

Pricing: $10 per group monthly, so $250 for 25 groups.

Basically, there is a tool for every business need.

You can quickly compare the three tools we have shared above in this infographic:


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