[Solved] How to schedule on Facebook groups after API changes

Written by Danish Soomro | Updated on 28 February, 2024

[Solved] How to schedule on Facebook groups after API changes

On January 23, Meta announced the release of its Facebook Graph API v19.0, which included the news that the company would be deprecating its existing Facebook Groups API in the next 90 days. Why is it SO relevant to developers and social media managers? This API allowed third-party software to schedule posts and monitor group content automatically.

Why is Facebook deprecating its existing Groups API?

Meta is simplifying their developer platforms and consolidating group functionality into their main Graph API. They likely want tighter control and security around group content as well.

What you cannot do after Facebook graph API v19? 

  • You can't schedule posts to Facebook groups via API
  • You can't automatically batch post across multiple Facebook groups
  • You can't monitor Facebook groups at scale for keywords

What is the effect on Marketers and Social Media Managers? 

Marketers, agencies, and developers using the Groups API for post-scheduling and keyword tracking will lose crucial group marketing capabilities. The loss disrupts existing social media management workflows relied on by many businesses.

5 Reasons Why Facebook Groups Are Important 

  1. Facebook groups are invaluable for marketers. 
  2. Over 1.8 billion people use groups monthly, making them a massive venue to engage target audiences. 
  3. Groups enable brands to interact with niche communities passionate about their offerings directly
  4. They facilitate meaningful conversations that foster loyalty and advocacy. 
  5. Unlike crowded newsfeeds, groups allow focused discussion and relationship building.
  6. With users actively asking questions and sharing information, groups provide rich insights into customer needs and feedback.

Alternative Tool for Keyword Tracking and Content Scheduling in Facebook Groups after API v19 Changes

Devi AI browser is the only alternative available that does not rely on Facebook Groups API. Instead, it uses your browser session to complete the tasks. It is compliant with Facebook platform policies. Devi AI is a Google Chrome extension that runs in your browser.

How can Devi AI help me monitor and track Facebook groups?

  • Automated Group Content Scheduling
  • Keyword Monitoring Across Groups
  • Automated Lead Engagement
  • AI-Powered Reply Recommendations
  • Customized Visual Content Generation
  • Targeted News Highlights Creation
  • Devi AI monitors keywords on LinkedIn, X, Reddit, YouTube, and Tiktok

Strict Data Privacy and Compliance Focus:

To prioritize user privacy, Devi AI ensures that data remains confined within the browser. Temporary storage within the browser is utilized for essential operations, and it is automatically purged thereafter, adhering strictly to the highest standards of data security and compliance with the policies of social media platforms.

Devi Constraints:

  1. While the tool is adept at efficiently scanning and scheduling content, it necessitates the continuous activity of your computer and browser. This functionality is optimized for usage during working hours.
  2. Due to compliance considerations, the tool lacks the capacity for data storage or retrieval. Some posts are temporarily retained in your browser for productivity purposes and are automatically removed after a designated period.

Start your free trial for Devi AI and get leads from Facebook groups.

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