Devi AI Top Features and Best Practices for AI Leads

Written by Victor Abel | Updated on 23 May, 2024

Devi AI Top Features and Best Practices for AI Leads

Imagine having Devi AI, an advanced AI social media assistant that simplifies lead monitoring, outreach, and content management across your favorite social media platforms. With just a click, Devi AI effortlessly monitors leads, reaches out to them, and even creates and schedules engaging posts.

Monitoring social media for leads has been a daunting task for most marketers and sales experts, and Devi AI takes away this stress from you. Devi AI removes these hassles with a single click, whether monitoring or outreach, content creation, or scheduling. Devi helps you monitor private and public Facebook groupsLinkedInTwitter, Reddit, and Instagram when you want to share social posts. Please read our blog on Facebook monitoring if you would like to know more about which tool to monitor Facebook groups is the best.

The first important thing to do when setting up Devi AI is to add your business details. It includes a short business description, your business name, and your business website (leave it empty if you have one).

Devi AI top features

  • Monitor Social Media for keywords: Automate leads monitoring with AI in LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Reddit and Twitter to save time and focus on other revenue-key business actions.
  • Easy leads outreach with AI: With one click, you can share personalized comments or replies created by ChatGPT with your business details. Save time and close more deals!
  • Schedule Content on Social Media: Choose when to share your AI-generated content on all your social media profiles to create a presence for your brand. You can edit it as much as you want or schedule it in 1-click.
  • Visual Content: Auto-generate visual content every week with your business name, logo, and context. It generates in different formats: quote, inspiration, did you know, fun fact, and more! Once you approve it schedule it on all social media profiles :)
  • Monitor Websites for Brands Mentions: Devi AI can help you monitor 3000+ top websites for mentions of your brand.
  • Monitor and Share News with AI: Get, schedule, and share the latest news in your industry so that you can establish yourself as a Twitter authority. All social media managers know how essential news content is for Twitter! Save time on this step in your monthly content crafting 😉

If you are wondering how to get started in the best way, the guide below will provide you with the best practices and what it takes to have an efficiently functional Devi AI account. It contains an excellent keyword catalog and how to join and link to the best Facebook groups.

Tips for selecting the best keywords for your business

  • Do not add full sentences, single or two-worded keywords are the best. e.g. insurance | hotel booking
  • You can also add single-word keywords, then in Leads > Filter > Select multiple keywords to see the matching posts.
  • You can use negative keywords to ignore the posts that include those words.
  • Unlimited keywords are allowed so add many combinations until you start getting a steady flow of leads :)

Tips to add the best Facebook groups

  • Join regional/location-based groups first based on your location, for example, Small business owners in Chicago | Plumbers in South London | Online Business owners in Asia
  • Join industry/occupation-specific groups, for example, European Tax lawyers | English teachers | Licensed Accountants
  • Search groups based on hobbies, interests, platforms, and products, for example, Dog owners | Amazon sellers | Crossword addicts |
  • Every two weeks, review which groups are generating more leads in the Dashboard (go to the bottom).
  • Turn off the dead groups by going to Settings > Facebook groups and see if the Post scanned 0. Turn on, new fresh groups.
  • Select and turn on monitoring on a minimum of 25-50 groups to see the quality leads.

99% of Devi users generate daily leads. ChatGPT-generated comments and replies help in closing deals and clients. To learn more about the various platforms Devi AI monitors, please check out our blog on Facebook monitoring & outreach, LinkedIn monitoring & outreach, Twitter monitoring & outreach, and Reddit monitoring & outreach.

If you want to learn more about navigating through Devi, please book a 1-1 demo call with our team members and have us guide you through the step-by-step processes to become a Devi AI champion. Please Chat with Support if you do not generate any leads :) We love to set up for you!

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